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Private Lessons With a Guerrilla  Instructor

Schedule Conflicts

Can't make scheduled classes? We know people are busy.  You have to be to live in the Bay Area.  Private Lessons offer you the flexibility to get training in on your schedule.

Learn On Your Pace 

Your instructor will guide you in the most efficient manner based on your experience, schedule, and ability.

Push the Pace

Private lessons are an amazing way to achieve new levels with your jiu-jitsu.  You and your instructor can set realistic goals together and push to achieve them faster than only attending classes.

Personalize Techniques

Your instructor will show you variations of standard techniques that will fit your body type and ability making your jiu-jitsu much more efficient.


Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu instructors have an enormous amount of technical knowledge from years of studying and training.  Private lessons give you the opportunity to take some of that knowledge and insert it into your skill set.

Different Price Points 

We have multiple price points that will fit your budget and discounted packages so you get the most for your money.  Call or email our front desk to get more information on how you can push your jiu-jitsu to the next level.